The Decade of Diagnostics - 2012 Update: Catalyzing Markets to Accelerate Access to Point-of-Care HIV Testing


  • Gottfried Hirnschall; Global Strategy, Policy and Normative Guidance for POC Diagnostics [PPT, 1 MB]
  • Ilesh Jani; Point-Of-Care Testing: How Do We Go About Developing Normative Guidance? [PPT, 2.3 MB]
  • Brenda Waning; UNITAID's Strategic Approach to HIV Diagnostics [PPT, 646 KB]
  • Maurine Murtagh; The Pipeline for New HIV Diagnostics: The Promise and the Challenges [PPT, 878 MB]
  • Thomas Cai; Efficient testing initiate participation [PPT, 828 KB]
  • Zachary Katz; Accelerating access to innovative point of care HIV diagnostics [PPT, 5.2 MB]