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Thank You campaign

Image: Thank You campaign


The UNITAID 'Thank you' Campaign aims to highlight UNITAID's considerable achievements in global health, thank UNITAID contributors for their role in saving millions of lives and raise global awareness about UNITAID activities.

70% of UNITAID funds come from a small levy applied on air tickets in nine member countries. Those funds, added to budget contributions from other member countries, have so far provided 21 million treatments for AIDS, TB and malaria in 93 countries.

The campaign tells real people's stories in three countries. They feature children who are benefiting from UNITAID-funded HIV/AIDS treatment in an orphanage in Cambodia; a father of two undergoing MDR-TB treatment in Nepal; and a young Zambian family who, until recently, lived under the threat of recurrent bouts of malaria.

A series of integrated materials in several languages were developed for the needs of the campaign: TV spots, campaign websites, print materials (print, posters, postcards).

The campaign has already been featured in nine UNITAID member countries: Brazil, Cyprus, France, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Niger, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Several TV channels, print media, websites, airports and other companies have supported the campaign. We are grateful for their help.

- TV spots

- Companies that supported the campaign [PDF, 170 KB]




Innovating for Global Health

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