First Line TB


First-Line Tuberculosis Drugs Initiative

Purchase first-line tuberculosis drugs to minimize the risk of stock-outs and stop TB from spreading in communities (Project completed)

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Standard first-line tuberculosis (TB) treatment requires a patient to take antibiotics daily for a minimum of six months. Left untreated, TB can kill, but using combinations of first-line drugs around 90% of people with drug-susceptible TB can be cured. Delays and interruptions during this treatment course can lead to treatment failure and the emergence of drug resistance. Therefore the “first-line” of defence against drug-resistant TB then is broad access to first-line TB treatment with appropriate adherence and treatment follow-up.

This project, implemented by the Global Drug Facility of the Stop TB partnership, supports the purchase of first-line TB treatments to minimize the risk of drug stock-outs. By ensuring that quality first-line TB treatments are accessible and available in countries, this project also aims to curb the emergence of drug resistance. Bridge funding is provided to country programmes until they secure alternative funding sources for first-line TB medicines.

Project Conclusion  

All the funds allocated to purchase treatments in this project have been used and the project has been completed (as of December 2011). All 19 countries have achieved the treatment targets, as set out in the MOU between UNITAID and the Global Drug Facility.