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Developing sustainable sources of additional funds.    


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Using secure funding to create incentives for producers.


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UNITAID-funded HIV/AIDS projects

Paediatric HIV/AIDS project

Expanding treatment while driving the development of affordable child-friendly medicines
With little market incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in paediatric HIV medicines, the development of child-appropriate HIV medicines has consistently lagged behind. UNITAID is supporting the development of 'three-in-one' HIV medicines that simplify treatment for children. It is also fostering the expansion of paediatric HIV treatment, and working to ensure that prices come down.


Second-line adult antiretroviral project

Increasing access and reducing prices through market expansion
HIV is a life-long, chronic disease, and people receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART) need access to newer and more potent HIV medicines if they become resistant to their initial set of medicines or if they develop serious side-effects to their existing drugs. These newer medicines are significantly more expensive than first-line HIV drugs while, at the same time, the need for these newer medicines is increasing at a rapid pace.


Improving prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and scale-up of paediatric HIV care and treatment

The majority of children with HIV are infected through the preventable transmission of the virus from mother-to-child. UNITAID, together with its partners, UNICEF and WHO, is committed to reducing the number of children born with HIV through an innovative, family-inclusive approach being implemented in 17 countries with UNITAID funding-support of US$ 104 million.



The ESTHERAID project's goal is to improve access to antiretroviral treatments (ARTs) through a targeted and tailored action plan. Implemented by ESTHER and funded by UNITAID, and in cooperation with the ministries of health from the countries concerned, the project is scheduled to last three years in five African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Mali).

Innovating for Global Health

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