Third annual edition of the HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Technology Landscape

Geneva – 21 June 2013.  UNITAID has published the third annual edition of the HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Technology Landscape, a comprehensive review of existing and pipeline diagnostic and monitoring tools and their applicability in resource-limited settings. First published in June 2011, the Landscape is now regarded as the key reference document for those seeking the latest updates on this dynamic pipeline, including global health institutions, health care providers, investors, and developers. The landscape can be downloaded here, or from the UNITAID technical reports library.

On the occasion of the upcoming 2013 International AIDS Conference in Kuala Lumpur, UNITAID is also pleased to invite you to a WHO-UNITAID-Pangea co-hosted third annual satellite session on HIV diagnostics:

3rd Annual Decade of Diagnostics Satellite - 2013 Update
Strategic Deployment of CD4 and Viral Load Testing: How will implementers and markets respond to new WHO Guidelines?

AIDS 2013, 7th International AIDS Conference
Tuesday, 2 July, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Mini Room 4

Additional details are available here.