UNITAID publishes first scoping report on hepatitis C

Geneva - 30 October 2013. UNITAID has published its first effort to gather market intelligence on products for the diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis C, one of the leading co-infections for people living with HIV. UNITAID’s scoping report [PDF, 900 KB] gives an overview of this viral disease, as well as existing and pipeline medicines and diagnostics, commodity access issues and market shortcomings.

Treatment for hepatitis C involves a combination of injections and tablets. These antivirals are expensive, with limited efficacy and possible serious side effects. New products in the pipeline can revolutionize the treatment of hepatitis C, with oral-based medicines that have higher efficacy and fewer side effects.

This scoping report will help guide priority setting for UNITAID and will be useful for other stakeholders and organizations considering market-based approaches to improving access to treatments and diagnostics for HIV/ hepatitis C co-infection.