Best malaria treatment available to those who need it the most

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Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is expensive or difficult to access in malaria-endemic countries; ineffective and cheaper anti-malarials dominate the market.


Create a consumer market for affordable ACTs through the AMFm; bring new formulations to market; support the Global Fund and UNICEF; secure the production of Artemisinin.


  • Over 400 million ACTs provided to consumers through the AMFm pilot project.
  • In seven AMFM pilot countries, consumers now pay up to 80% less for quality antimalarial medicines than at the start of the project in 2009.
  • Over 37 million ACTs delivered to eight malaria-endemic countries since 2007 through support to Global Fund and UNICEF.
  • 8 new FDC ACTs available from multiple manufacturers, three of which are child-adapted formulations.
  • Market size doubled for 2010-2011 with a number of generic manufacturers making quality ACTs.
  • 324,000 vials of injectable Artesunate were delivered to Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia to improve the survival of children with severe malaria.
  • High burden malaria countries have access to 1.9 million rapid diagnostic tests in private sector outlets to support rational use of the last effective treatment for malaria, the ACTs. 
AMFM intro

“With the new malaria treatment we are not having anybody complaining of failure,” says Oliver Ajbenyoh, a chemist in Ghana, where he sells the ACTs promoted through the AMFm.